Saturday, December 19, 2015

Announcing Candidacy for Sunnyvale Council Seat 6 2016

Here is the text of my press release:


City Council Candidate Nancy Smith is pleased to announce she has is entering the race for Sunnyvale City Council Seat 6.

Surrounded by friends and supporters at the Sunnyvale City Clerk’s office on Thursday morning, Smith filled out the necessary paperwork.
Smith answered questions about her campaign and her plans for Sunnyvale.

“Nancy really has a heart for community service,” supporter Carol Weiss said. “I’m here to support my friend who can keep up the reputation of Sunnyvale as a great, safe place for people to work and live.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Oh Boy, do we need new mild oaths!

Wade and I walk together frequently in the morning -- about 2.5 miles. About half way through, as we are about to round the corner to head to our local coffee shop, he gets to thinking about his to-do list and says to himself, "Oh boy." 

I ask him who this boy is and why he's invoking his help with his to-do list.

Wade, of course, has no answer.

Please won't you help us think of a more gender-neutral replacement oath?